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Professional Choice Adz (PCA) was started in 2014. We at PCA wanted to help the startup companies, small to medium-sized companies, and our Large Corporate companies grow their business and reach more customers. In this endeavor we started with web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as out first offerings to our customers. Our CEO Eric Williams merged his company Williams Technologies Inc with PCA in 2014.

In the past year PCA has now added Mobile Apps, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, Ad Audience Targeting advertising, Digital Currency (Mining for crypto-currency), and we will soon be launching our Digital Gaming system. We have partnered up with multiple companies that have now asked PCA and our other partners to offer these services to our current customers and future customers.

We are a company that is looking to the future and we want to help you grow your customer base and build your online presence. When we have met with our customers we give them a free analysis of their company. On average we are seeing that most companies that think they have good to great reach on the internet actually have a poor reach as accounts are not kept up to date. We will do all this for you and more.

Services Offered

Website Development

PCA can help your business build a strong brand presence in the online marketplace.

Why Choose PCA

We will develop a website for you that will make sure your customers stay on your page and look around.

Mobile Apps

We create highly polished Mobile Apps for startups and enterprise clients.


We also know a thing or two about branding, websites, and user acquisition. Let us help you move your business forward.

SEO & Reputation Management

We are a Team of Online Marketing Professionals. We Understand The Search Engine Ecosystem and what it Takes to make you #1.

Our Unique Approach to SEO

Allows Us The Capability To Take Your Site To The Top Of Major Search Engines and protect your Online Reputation (ORM).

Social Media

We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for businesses ranging from starting entrepreneurs to million dollar brands.

Your “In-House” Social Media Team

Our company can save you countless hours and costs by managing your social media on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram on your behalf.

Ad Audience Targeting

We are a full-service display advertising solution specializing in Re-Marketing and Audience Targeting.

Marketing Budget

Our solutions help you optimize your marketing budget by serving targeted display ads to the right people at the right time.


Our partners developed a new way to mine crypto currency coins that have been newly released into the crypto market.

Proof of Stake Mining

We call this new process of mining Proof of Return (POR), which is exclusive to us and our partners.

Ad Agency

We can handle all your Radio, Print (news paper), TV, and Online Video needs.

Media Buyers

Let PCA buy your media time for you and save money.  We can most likely get a better price in media then just working there a Reseller of Media.

Digital Gaming

Coming Soon....

Digital Gaming

Coming Soon….

Video, Raido, Online Media

Let us create your new ad for your company. This can be Video, Radio, or any other media.

Sports Personality

We have a current list of Current and Former Sports player that can be in your ads.

We Make Your life Easier

Live Stats Anywhere

The Future of App Development 

There are many advantages to PWAs, such as how the PWA itself is searchable and discoverable by search engines. Other advantages include being responsive and progressive (works for every browser and phone) design, the ability to work on any network, a shareable URL, and the ability to be configured to re-engage audiences. Due to these advantages and the constant advancement of the underlying technology, PWAs are inevitably going to overtake the mobile app environment.

  • Push notifications

  • Instant load times

  • Responsive design

  • Simultaneous deployment

  • Security

  • Attached to a standard URL


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Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

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App 98%
Website Development/performance 94%
SEO & Social Media 98%
Ad Retargeting 100%
Crypto Currency 94%
Ad Media Buyer 97%

Team Members

Eric Williams


Eric Williams started ProChoiceAdz in 2014 and has been helping small to corporate business owners with all there technology need. With Mr. Williams 20+ years of experience in the Technology field and with the past 10 years focused on internet technology Mr. Williams has become one of the leading Web Technology Specialist in the Country. With his team backing him Mr. Williams has developed new ways of getting customers to see the sites that PCA promotes and advertises  for.   Mr Williams has partnered with new companies to bring our customers the best services that PCA can offer.

James Cortese

Sr. VP Strategic Internet Marketing

Accomplished, senior marketing professional with broad internet and social marketing experience, encompassing strategic planning, qualitative & quantitative research, interactive marketing, creative development, media planning & buying, database /direct-marketing, public relations, sales promotion and visual merchandising, with the ability and skill set to provide creative, innovative, enthusiastic and forward-thinking leadership in a team environment.  Focused on achieving continuous, improved business performance.

Ike Griffin

General Manager

Is a Marketing graduate of Michigan State University where he also played football. After a 4 year college career Griffin went on to a 7 year career in professional football (NFL, USFL, CFL).

Once Griffin retired he joined the media where he was a on-air personality, voice of Michigan State Spartan Football.

His voice is still one of the most recognized voices in the media world.  After a 15 year career in media Griffin's journey opened doors in the lecturer, consulting, MC, and auctioneer world.

Griffin's experience landing him the General Manager position with the Gary Steel Heads of the CBA.

From there it was time to join the world of technolgy and marketing. Where he helped pioneer the business opportunity industry.

With the abilty to have a laser focused drive and disciplined desire to win.

He began to help start up businesses prosper and grow, while making time to give back in the community.

His favorite phrase is: "I have a particular set of skills"

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